What is an empowerment session?

"Empowerment" is my take on boudoir. But these sessions aren't  about the bedroom. It’s not about sex. It’s about empowering yourself to feel good. And your session doesn't have to be traditionally "sexy". You don't have to wear lingerie. You don't have to be nude. It's about you feeling your absolute best and trusting me to ensure that's what shines through. You might look at the images here on my site and think "those sure look like they are about sex to me!" and that's okay. But it's not just about what you see in other people's photos. It's about the mindset YOU have for your own session, the mindset they had for theirs, and what you feel when you see YOUR photos.

Why do a session?

Have you ever had a friend who you think is just gorgeous, inside and out, but all she does is put herself down? And talk about how her lips are crooked or that her ears stick out? Or her double chin that you've tried to find and just can't see? And you just wish she could see herself the way you see her? Beautiful just the way she is. You know that friend? Well, that friend might just be you. And I want YOU to see yourself the way that all of your friends see you. The way your husband/boyfriend/partner sees you. And I want you to LOVE that woman they see.

How many times a day do you look in the mirror? When you do, what do you say to yourself? Do you think how good your hair looks? How you have beautiful eyes? Or do you say things to yourself that you would never let anyone get away with saying to anyone else? I do it. All. The. Time. And I’m pretty tired of it. Are you?

I want to help you see how beautiful you really are. I want to help you see that having kids didn’t ruin your body, but it made it that much more beautiful. I want you to see that you are sexy, that you are strong. Just as you are.

Empowerment sessions are for YOU. I’m sure your significant other would LOVE the photographs, but I don’t want you to do the session for them. I want you to do it for you

You deserve it.

It's empowering to let go of all that negative conversation that finds it's way into your mind far too often. Give yourself permission to do this. I promise you won't regret it.


What you can expect

Empowerment sessions begin with a lot of questions. Naturally so. It can be intimidating!
I've answered some of the most common questions here.


What about privacy?

These are YOUR photos. I respect the privacy of my clients. I understand these photos are personal and you might not want them plastered all over every social media outlet that was ever created. If there are images from your session I would like to post, I will ask permission, and you can freely say no. I never post something you are uncomfortable being seen.

Why do you shoot them on film?

I shoot the sessions mainly with black & white film in my natural light studio. The images will be REAL, RAW, SOFT, ROMANTIC. They will help you see your the beauty which is often put down or pushed aside by our own thoughts and to-do lists. Although I may shoot a little color film during the session, there is a classic feel to black and white images that I love so much and I'll primarily shoot that during our time.

What do I wear?

You don't have to prance around my studio in brand new expensive lingerie. You can wear whatever you feel sexy in. That could be jeans, that could be a dress, that could be a bra and boy shorts, that could be lingerie and a robe, that could be your birthday suit. You set the rules. I'll help guide you through outfit choices to make sure the clothing you select is ideal for photographs.

How much does it cost?

Empowerment sessions are $525 and include hair and make-up. Sessions produce approximately 40 images which you will see for the first time 3-4 weeks after our photoshoot during your viewing and ordering session. At that time, I will show you the gorgeous images from our shoot, and walk you through the ordering process.

What if I want to do it for my partner?

That's awesome! Your partner is very lucky! And of course we can do a shoot with them in mind! At every session I've ever done, my client walks away taller, with a bigger, confident smile, and I know that even though their intention was to create a book for their fiance/boyfriend/spouse/partner, they got so much out of the session just for them. And that makes me love my job!


"I'm still not sure I can do it. . . "

I COMPLETELY get it. I've done a session myself. I know it's scary, and I also know that it's a really fun experience. And these sessions might not be for you . . . yet. But take a minute to think about the last time you did something just FOR YOU. Not for your husband or boyfriend. Not for your kids. Not for your job. What I want you to get from an Empowerment session is confidence, strength, and the power to hush the negative voice in your head that says "no way, there's no way you can do this kind of shoot!"We all have that voice, and sometimes it is LOUD. What I really want is for you to listen to the positive voice that's there too. The one that says"YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. YOU ARE STRONG. YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH. YOU DESERVE IT." Sometimes it takes some practice to get the positive voice louder than the negative one. And that is OK. Just be sure to let me know if you need some help finding it or if you are ready to be EMPOWERED to shut that negative voice down for GOOD.

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